janvier 31, 2014


Arcangelo Sassolino

  • Rimozione
  • Untitled
  • Attrito Continuo
  • Momento

"Sassolino’s work focuses on industrial processes and materials. His objects and installations explore mechanical behaviors, materials and physical properties of force. Each work takes careful planning and research and results in constructions that are stunning both in terms of their sheer physicality (material density, mechanical precision) and the forces (gravity, pressure, friction) which are applied by or to the object."  Volta10

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janvier 31, 2014


Bruce Davidson - East 100th Street

"For two years in the 1960s, Bruce Davidson photographed one block in East Harlem. He went back day after day, standing on sidewalks, knocking on doors, asking permission to photograph a face, a child, a room, a family. Through his skill, his extraordinary vision, and his deep respect for his subjects, Davidson’s portrait of the people of East 100th Street is a powerful statement of the dignity and humanity that is in all people."

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janvier 11, 2014

Yeah !! 

janvier 8, 2014

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janvier 6, 2014


Toilet Paper Magazine

Great Art Magazine  - Maurizio Cattelan is art director.  

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